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22/07/2024 To 26/07/2024 Nairobi 1,000 USD 600 USD Register for Online Training Register for Onsite Training
26/08/2024 To 30/08/2024 Nairobi 1,000 USD 600 USD Register for Online Training Register for Onsite Training
23/09/2024 To 27/09/2024 Nairobi 1,000 USD 600 USD Register for Online Training Register for Onsite Training
21/10/2024 To 25/10/2024 Nairobi 1,000 USD 600 USD Register for Online Training Register for Onsite Training
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This is managing people in the form of a collective relationship between management and employees. This approach focuses on the objectives and outcomes of the HRM function. HR function in contemporary organizations is concerned with the notions of people enabling, people development and a focus on making the “employment relationship” fulfilling for both the management and employees.

Obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce is key in human resource management. It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization.


5 days.


v  Managers or Supervisors acquiring responsibility for the HR or Personnel Function

v  HR or Personnel Generalists

v  Specialists returning to, or moving to, a generalist role

v  Established HR Professionals wishing to obtain new ideas

v  Newly appointed HR professionals

v  Managers or Supervisors or Team Leaders who wish to improve their knowledge of professional HR


The training is aimed at introducing and equipping participants with skills in;

v  Knowing how to get the best from their greatest asset – their workforce

v  Knowing how to handle change effectively from an HR point of view

v  Knowing  how to increase productivity

v  Knowing how to improve morale

v  Knowing how to improve motivation

v  Have a HR function which closely and in a mutually supportive way with the full line management team including Supervisors and Team Leaders

v  Being effective in a range of circumstances encountered by HR professionals

v  Being confident in their approach to HR management

v  Being confident in their dealing with line managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

v  Knowing how an effective HR function is structured

v  Knowing how to handle a range of employee relations issues

v  Being able to define a clear purpose and role for the HR function and to develop and implement an HR strategy


HR as Part of the Business 

It is essential for an HR department to be a strategic influence over the business not an administrative function. This means that an HR professional must be aware of the needs of the business. This in turn requires an understanding of the socio-economic issues in your market place.

v  Understanding the Context

v  Establishing the Socio-Economic Developments

v  Creating an HR Department that lives the organization’s brand values and HR and Culture

v  Change Management Practices – changing the shape of the change curve

v  Dealing with Bad News

v  Business Awareness for HR Professionals

The Component Parts of the HR Function

Establishing the expectations of the line management team., Finding the balance between the contribution made by line management and that made by HR. Creating an effective role for HR in the key functional areas

v  Recruitment and Selection – addressing the realities of the world of social media

v  Building a Recruitment Process that ensures an organization can attract the best talent

v  Asking Competency - Based Questions

v  Matching Induction to Recruitment

v  The Role of the Employee Relations Function within HR

v  Handling Disciplinary and Grievance Issues


Creating the Practices that develop the contribution of the HR function: Developing the policies to support best practice ,Making it happen for real.

v  Making the Links to Precedent

v  The HR Department and Labor Law

v  Developing Employee Relations Policy to respond to Socio-economic Conditions

v  Understanding Equality Diversity and Discrimination

v  Case Studies and Policy Implications

v  How to Design and Implement a Performance Management System that Impacts on the Whole Organization

The Psychological Contract

Creating the conditions in which all employees can give their best. Finding the balance between employee’s rights and obligations; Understanding ambition; the need for career planning and personal development

v  Becoming an Employer of Choice - Building the Employer Brand

v  Employee Engagement and Involvement

v  Positive Employee Conversations

v  Identifying the Key Players

v  Succession Planning and Matching Performance with Potential

v  Developing a Continuous Learning Culture 

The Way Forward

Moving forward into the new roles for HR professional; developing the role of the manager; changing the nature of HR to reflect the new reality

v  Understanding Motivation and Avoiding a Simplistic Approach

v  Where Pay and Reward Fit with Motivation

v  The Messages for Leaders

v  Evolution of HR from Tactical to Strategic           

v  Employee Relationship Management

v  The Personal Skills needed for the New Roles

v  Influencing Skills

v  Managing Conflict

v  Assertiveness


This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies. Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants..


v  Training is residential and will be held at Afriex Training Centre.

v  The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

v  Accommodation and airport transfer are arranged upon request by the participant.

v  This training can also be tailor made for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered in our training Centre or at a convenient location.

v  For further inquiries, please contact us on

v  Payment should be made to Afriex Training Limited bank account before the start of the training and receipts sent to

v  Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Afriex Training Ltd certificate.

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