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Forestry involves the management of a broad range of natural resources within a forested area. We all agree Forestry is complex, dynamic, and multidimensional. GIS technology profoundly and positively impacts the way land managers, timber managers, and forestry specialists manage timber resources. Having accurate geographical information about land is critical to making informed decisions about how to manage it.  Digital maps can be linked to relational databases that store baseline data, topography information, site documentation, and aerial digital photography. Designing and implementing a comprehensive GIS plan is the foundation for sound forest management and wildlife management decisions.  Additionally, a GIS plan is an integral part of developing a forest management plan.


10 Days


People who require additional skills like Forest Planners, foresters, forest conservation technicians.


At the end of these sessions participants will learn to:

v Obtain and Integrate data from disparate sources to a GIS System

v Learn the principles of GIS and Remote Sensing and its application in forestry

v Learn how to collect data using mobile phones and GPS in the forestry context

v Learn satellite digital image processing techniques in forest resource management

v Learn how to map forest inventory

v Learn how to handle emergency in the forest context

v Learn how communities can be involved in forest resource management

v Learn how to publish web based map

v Display data in 3D Apply GIS to solve simple practical problems forestry

v Learn forest planning and management skill using remote sensing and GIS


Module 1

Introduction and definitions of key concepts

v Introduction  concepts of GIS and remote sensing in Forest resource management

v Planning for a GIS system installation

v Introduction GIS data collection using GPS

Module 2

v Gathering data using mobile phones using (ODK)

Module 3

v Integrating GPS data into GIS

v GIS Data sources and types for forestry

v Working with data from different sources

v Geo database creation and maintenance for forest resources

v Attributes manipulation in GIS

v Facilitated practical exercises in working with tabular data in Excel format

Module 4

Digital Image Processing Techniques in Forest Resource Management

v Obtaining satellite Imagery for forest resource management

v Satellite Image processing and calibration for resource management

Module 5

v Forest cover classification using supervised classification

v Forest cover classification using unsupervised classification

Module 6

v Accuracy assessment and ground Truthing technique

v Forest Land use change detection maps

Module 7

Mapping Forest inventory

v Inventory of Forest Land

v Mapping habitat and Species

v Mapping Forest recreation sites

v Mapping forest vegetation type

v Forestry mapping of plantations and zonal mapping

v Mapping water forest resources

v Carbon mapping techniques

v Endangered species management

Module 8

Forest Planning and management

v Using GIS and RS in Developing forest plans

v Planning and scheduling of harvesting and planting tree

v Determinations of forest stand conditions and forest health

v Estimation of biomass and productivity

v Environment impact assessment

v Identifying sites for eco-restoration

Module 9

v Vegetation index analysis

v Monitoring emergencies

v Damage assessment (fire, disease)

v Fire and Emergency Mapping

v Planning of road systems, bridges, water point, and land clearing

Climate Change Impact on Forests

v Remote sensing and GIS for climate change mitigation in forest ecosystems.

v Forest ecosystem monitoring and modeling

Module 10

Participatory GIS

v Public participation in forest management

v Using Google earth in forest resource management

v Web based Publishing for interactive and dynamic maps


The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English.


v Training is residential and will be held at Afriex Training Centre.

v The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

v Accommodation and airport transfer are arranged upon request by the participant.

v This training can also be tailor made for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered in our training Centre or at a convenient location.

v For further inquiries, please contact us on

v Payment should be made to Afriex Training Limited bank account before the start of the training and receipts sent to

v Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Afriex Training Ltd certificate.

Registration closed, view 2022 course calender

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