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Effective strategic planning is essential to the future success of any organization. However, most strategic planning is lacking in vision and coherent focus. In a world where the rate of change is greater than ever coupled with organisation structures which are relatively inert, this is a prescription for disaster. Real strategic planning is about positioning the organization for a future which firstly is increasingly impossible to predict and secondly keeps the customer at the centre of everything it does. Effective strategy delivery creates a basis for sustained competitive differentiation coupled with simultaneous revenue, cost and service impact.

This Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies course provides delegates with the tools and techniques to create a powerful new approach to strategy in their organizations: one based on putting customer value at the centre. This program focuses on strategic planning and how to implement it. You will not think about strategy in the same way ever again.


5 days


By attending Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies course delegates will learn a new process that they can introduce to their organizations along with easy-to-learn techniques:

v To define new but proven strategy approaches centered on customer outcomes

v To create and deliver against business planning that involves the whole organisation

v To provide an in-depth stakeholder engagement framework

v To highlight the process of effective implementation

v To provide insights into strategic planning problems to avoid

v To highlight examples of strategic success and failure

v To provide insights into productive contingency planning


Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies program is designed for senior managers, business unit managers, business strategists, developers of business plans, analysts and researchers supporting the development of business plans, all people required to contribute to and implement a customer-centric strategy


Afriex Training incorporates the most up to date training and capability development methodologies available in the market. Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies course carefully designed to address the whole breath of learning styles and to inspire and engage participants fully. The sessions are also highly participative and include powerful individual or group exercises, thereby providing opportunities for personal participation in real situations. During these exercises, you discover that you can quickly do what you are learning. This process makes the training fun-filled, fast-paced, challenging and empowering.


The “Why” of Strategy

v How strategy has been traditionally thought about.

v How it has changed over time. Truths and myths. Studies and statistics.

v Huge percentage of strategies fail. Why?

v The dynamics of the business world compared to inert company structures

v Why it’s important to have a process to follow

v Making strategy live – the strategy playbook

v The limitations of mission and vision statements

v Why clarity of purpose is the best foundation for strategy

v Lessons from different types of organisation

v Practical exercise: how, what and why

Aligning Strategy to Customer Value

v Who are our customers and what do they really want?

v What business are we truly in?

v Understanding the principles of customer innovation

v Customer intimacy versus product leadership versus operational excellence

v Why you have to choose!

v Customer intimacy versus product leadership versus operational excellence

v Why you have to choose!

v Concepts driving Blue Ocean strategy – advantages and limitations

v Understanding the Outcome-driven Strategy Canvas

Practical Implications of Strategy Implementation

v Who are our current competitors?

v Who are our future competitors?

v Disruptive competition – myths and realities

v How to use the “voice of the customer” to establish current capability

v Understanding the Organizational Readiness Competency Assessment

v Determining core capabilities

v Determining new capabilities

v Option evaluation

v Introducing the concept of “trajectory” and how it applies to strategy

v Current and future internal and external forces

Managing Change To Deliver Customer Value

v Why traditional approaches don’t work

v the different types of stakeholders:

v Understanding outcome-based thinking and its application to strategy

v Understand how outcome-driven innovation creates competitive superiority

v Building on Kaplan and Norton’s work to create a customer-centric scorecard that aligns strategy to the customer to process to people to technology

v How to build a business plan that’s powerful, innovative, outcome aligned, easy to understand and drives change

Effective Strategy Implementation

v The “learning organisation”

v FAST leadership

v Engaged and productive people

v The Strategy Playbook

v Recap key lessons learned



v Training is residential and will be held at Afriex Training Centre.

v The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

v Accommodation and airport transfer are arranged upon request by the participant.

v This training can also be tailor made for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered in our training Centre or at a convenient location.

v For further inquiries, please contact us on

v Payment should be made to Afriex Training Limited bank account before the start of the training and receipts sent to

v Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Afriex Training Ltd certificate.

Registration closed, view 2022 course calender

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